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Welcome to Warpstock Corporation
Sunday, July 14 2024 @ 04:40 AM

Warpstock 2019 Sessions

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John Edwards Opening comments Welcome to Warpstock
Neil Waldhauer Introducing Attendees Attendees take turns explaining what they do with OS/2
Neil Waldhauer RPM Development Environment On modern OS/2 systems, a set of development tools for building OS/2 programs can be installed using rpm/yum. This presentation shows how to get started using those tools.
Joe Suttle Digging Ditches They're all around us. Some of them, we've built ourselves, and often we can't remember why they were built, but we maintain or struggle through them.
Martín Itúrbide Retro Gaming Machine with ArcaOS the experience on setting up ArcaOS to run some classic games; OS/2 Native, DOS, Win16 and Odin (win32).
David Azarewicz Arca Noae Device Drivers: Recent Progress and Future Plans In this session, we will review the recent progress of the OS/2 device drivers. We will cover some of the issues that were encountered and the solutions that were implemented. The future plans of some of the key drivers will also be discussed. There should also be time to address questions from the audience. There has been some exciting progress in the past several months so you do not want to miss this session.
David Azarewicz Config.sys

Reviewing the order of execution of statements in Config.sys and the proper order of loading drivers. Explain briefly what each driver does.

This presentation is intended to acquaint the less technical user with the software controlled by the Config.Sys file.

Lewis Rosenthal ArcaOS update In this session, Lewis Rosenthal, Managing Member of Arca Noae, LLC, will provide an update on the status of the 5.0 release cycle and expectations for 5.1.
Andy Willis The Unix Compatibility Subsystem in ArcaOS In this session, we will discuss how several components have moved from the \OS2 system directories to the %UNIXROOT% tree. This should provide an overview of how the Unix Compatibility Subsystem fits into the overall scheme of ArcaOS, from the filesystem perspective to updating and maintaining it.
Lewis Rosenthal CUPS printers vs PM printers This session is focused on the CUPS subsystem and how it is integrated with the traditional OS/2 Presentation Manager print subsystem.
Lewis Rosenthal ANPM Troubleshooting and Advanced Recovery Techniques withdrawn
David Richard Archiving OS/2 Withdrawn
Robert Kuropkat OS/2 Museum West TBD
Roderick Klein OS/2 VOICE News VOICE has been active with expanding the OS/2 News system and sponsoring BitWiseWorks project for a new web browser on OS/2.
Silvan Sherrer, Dmitriy Kuminov Latest news from Bitwise Works GmbH We are discussing what we could present exactly. But we will for sure show something.
Gregg Young Getting started with Qt development Getting started with Qt development for RPM/YUM (GCC) and Open Watcom.
Nathan Woodruff Updates to the personal financial program Quick and Easy Withdrawn
Jan van Wijk DFSee and filesystem background A double session.
Jan van Wijk DFSee 16.x features overview A double session live demo showing some of those features using the very latest version
Robert Kuropkat Squeak, an open source Smalltalk Squeak is an open source Smalltalk implementation. Squeak v3 ran on Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Solaris and yes, OS/2
John Edwards Closing comments Warpstock 2019 wrap-up

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