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Tuesday, June 25 2024 @ 11:09 AM

Warpstock 2015 Sessions

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Session Title


John Edwards Opening comments TBA
Martin Iturbide Collaborating in the OS/2-eCS community

In this session Martin will show the collaboration tools that we have on the OS/2-eCS community and how can we collaborate in benefit of the platform.

Alex Taylor A tour of Alex Taylor's applications


Neil Waldhauer Configuring SAMBA for OS/2 This presentation is a tour of installing and configuring SAMBA for OS/2. Examples will show eComStation sharing files with Windows, Macs, smartphones and tablets.
Andy Willis DLL Heck how to resolve conflicts along the LIBPATH, especially with RPM/YUM vs. other installers.
Paul Smedley Printing with CUPS on OS/2 & eComStation Information on using CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) with OS/2 and eComStation. How it works, and how to buy a printer that is likely to be able to be supported on OS/2.
Lewis Rosenthal Kerberos: What it is, Why it's important, and How to use it Kerberos is a mature authentication and encryption mechanism, developed at MIT in the 1980's. In this session, we'll discuss the two main distributions of Kerberos 5, MIT and Heimdal, their uses, and specifically, how to use Heimdal Kerberos to authenticate against Microsoft Active Directory to map SAMBA shares on current Windows servers and AD-controlled NAS devices. We'll also discuss the new Netlabs Kerberos project and what it means for the future of OS/2 and eComStation as a sustainable network client.
Lewis Rosenthal, Steven Levine and David Azarewicz Arca Noae News There's more to Arca Noae than a funny name, driver updates, and an upcoming new SNAP
Steven Levine Arca Noae SNAP Graphics details to be announced
Attendees Unconference Attendees take turns explaining what they do with OS/2
Presenters and Attendees Help desk

Use the expertise present to get answers to problems. Problems to be submitted to beforehand and taken from attendees at the conference.

The special thing about is that in order for the message to be received, it *must* be cc'd to A message sent to either address, is simply blackholed, and a message sent to enable with a cc to presenters is likewise discarded.

David Azarewicz Arca Noae Device Drivers: Recent Progress and Future Plans In this session, we will review the progress and future plans of some key drivers for OS/2. We will cover some of the issues that were encountered and the solutions that were implemented. There should also be time to address questions from the audience. There has been some exciting progress in the past several months so you do not want to miss this session.
Roderick Klein The history and future of the OS/2 VOICE foundation TBA
John Edwards Closing comments and drawing TBA

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