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Sunday, July 14 2024 @ 05:34 AM

Warpstock 2013 Sessions

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Session Title



Gimp Workshop

Stuart Updike

Stuart Updike will show how to use GIMP to edit photos. That is, how to actually use the tools, etc..

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

Installers and package managers

Lewis Rosenthal

This session will deal with the ongoing confusion among our ranks with the differences between WarpIn and yum and rpm.

Installing network services workshop

Lewis Rosenthal

The fresh install will start with a system (probably a VM) ready to be set up. we'll start with an Easy install, and explore the meaning of the various networking options. Next, we'll start over, but select Advanced, and contrast the differences in the available networking options.

Using a running system, we'll make live changes to the network setup and observe the effects. This will be a good time for Q&A, as well, so attendees should bring along either their troubled machines or as much detail of their issues as possible, and we'll try to recreate them on a test box.

We'll have a look at the various configuration files which are managed through the graphical tools, as well, and discuss testing for basic IP connectivity, routing, and DNS resolution.

Finally, if time permits, we'll blend wireless into the mix, install a Wi-Fi adapter, the WPA supplicant upgrade, and create a profile in XWLAN for it.

Demo of eCS-preloaded computers

Neil Waldhauer

Blonde Guy computers are designed to run eComStation. People who run OS/2 and eComStation programs can buy a working computer without worrying about hardware compatibility or installing fixes, updates or general applications. This session will discuss the Lenovo Thinkpad W500.

General Q & A

John W. Edwards

This session is for general questions about using OS/2 and eComStation. John will facilitate connecting the questions with those who are best able to answer.

Filing a bug report

Gregg Young

The presentation will describe the information you should provide and the testing you can do to maximize the usefulness of your report.

eFTE/2 (enhanced Folding Text Editor)

Gregg Young

The presentation will demonstrate the new features and improvements in eFTE/2 over the last OS/2 release of FTE. eFTE is a fork of FTE with goals of taking FTE to the next step, hence, Enhanced FTE. eFTE/2 is a fork of eFTE. I have incorporated all the fixes and updates from both eFTE and FTE (where still compatible)plus some of my own. I have added in all the existing highlighting stuff including for cmd, bat/btm and config.sys. I have set it up to make it easier to translate, enhanced the pm interface added exceptq support and updated the help file. I have not yet released it as I am experimenting with using google translate to translate the help file.

It is the text editor I use to code which is why I have updated it. I am volunteering to do the presentation in part to force me to finish the updates and release it. I am going to propose the PM version as a replacement for EPM and the VIO version as a replacement to tedit in eCS.

Let's Create Something

Nathan Woodruff

Have you ever wanted to know how to create a calendar Control or a tabbed window or a specialized look to a button control. Have you been stuck on creating that specialized control, or have wanted to mimic a certain control from another operating system? Maybe you wanted to add different color scheme or texturing to the background of a listbox control. Submit your request and on class day the most difficult request will be voted on and then designed, coded and completed as the class watches and helps.

The code will be then given to class to be used at will.

Warpstock Wrap-up

John W. Edwards

This session will close the Warpstock conference, and award any raffle items that we may have.

PPD import and CUPS


The CUPS software is the new printing service in eComStation 2.2. It supports printers using a Postscript Printer Description (PPD) file. This session describes how to add a new printer to CUPS using a PPD. The PPD is a text file that can be edited to solve some printing problems.

Installing your virtual machine

Chuck McKinnis

Much new hardware does not lend itself to the direct installation of eCS. Here we will examine the particulars of installing eCS in VirtualBox.

MultiMac, ACPI and USB

David Azarewitz

Describes progress and issues with the MultiMac network drivers, ACPI and the USB stack.

Skype session with Steven Levine

Steven Levine

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